About the project

The most relevant priority of this project is the implementation of innovative practices in the digital era promoting new transversal methodologies and pedagogies in Early Childhood Education (ECEC) through training and the production of open source materials, that can support educational staff as well as other stakeholders, including families, supporting learning processes and building digital education readiness.

Objectives of the project are:

Training of early childhood teachers and educators, with the aim to develop digital pedagogical competences, in methodologies that allow educators to involve parents in learning processes, safeguarding the inclusive nature of the learning opportunities, and developing modalities that can transfer routines of ECECs everyday life into modalities of virtual presence.

Support educators in facilitating educational paths and innovative media practices, with tools that are affordable and accessible to all, with a Toolkit of activities that can be implemented with 3-6 year old children.

Promoting active participation of parents and strengthen the collaboration of all actors within ECEC through the development of “European Guidelines for Media Parenting in the digital age”


Training of staff and ECEC educators

The first year of the project involved more than 200 ECEC educators in the 5 countries of project in the research of best practices, 1 transnational learning, teaching and training activity and in offline and online national training sessions. The trained educators were actively involved in the co-design of the E-learning Course, freely accessible from this website here.

Development and experimentation of Digital Ateliers

From January 2022 to July 2022 around 52 ateliers have been developed together with 174 ECEC educators from 45 Kindergartens, and experimented with more than 1.500 children ages 3-6 years old, in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. 40 of these Digital Ateliers have been chosen to be adapted, translated and included in the Keep In Touch “KIT of Digital Atelier Activities”, available here.

Development of “European Guidelines for Media Parenting in the digital age”

Families play an active role in the development of the digital atelier activities, as well as in the participation to co-design meetings taking place from October 2022 to December 2022, that will lead to the development of parenting guidelines that should support parents to approach the digital in a creative and responsible way.

Multiplier Events

5 events will be organized from April to June 2022 in the 5 countries of the project – one in each country.