La Fabulerie

La Fabulerie is a social and cultural third place in Marseille with a deep relationship to digital technologies. La Fabulerie is a digital museum, a coworking space, a canteen, a community café, a fablab… actualy it can be anything since it is true to our values of openness, transmition and postivity.

We offers a large program of digital experiences for people of all ages, cultures and background to the people from Marseilles and beyond.

Digital Manifesto

Our mission for more than 10 years, is to trigger the creative potential of the youth and to give digital knowledge to those who are furthest away from it.

To achieve this we develop with our partners exhibitions-to-play and artistic workshops. We support alumnis and professional in the transformation of institional venues (libraries, museum, schools…) into spaces of experiences using digital resources, artistic creation and social design.

We have faith in the youth ! They will inherit the world. And they have ideas today to make it more desirable and sustainable. We design and run digital creation workshops able to bring young and adolescent audiences into the world of digital creation.

How we work

La Fabulerie’s is a non-profit organization. The employees works together to realize tasks that matches our manifesto. Everyone in the team has different skills and La Fabulerie’s creations is the sum of all these talents together.

Who we work with

We like to work with different people. Since La Fabulerie was created, we built a strong network of partners from different horizons : schools, libraries, institutions, charities, artists and thinkers, makers, companies, etc.

The Fabulous Museum

An interactive digital museum to talk about biodiversity, heritage and art in a playfull way. Everyday school groups from the districts visits this museum.


La Fabulerie’s team travel accross the district to train teachers and librarians. The trainees will learn how to use small smart techs that they can use in their courses afterwards.