Guidelines for Media Parenting

The “European Guidelines for Media Parenting in the digital age” aim to give parents support in the competent use of the opportunities offered by media and at the same time allowing to establish good rules and greater awareness for children in such an early age.

The families involved in the project played an active role in the development of these guidelines either through the feedback given during the experimentation of the digital ateliers in the first year of the project, as well as through the participative co-design meetings taking place in Fall/Winter 2022.

Media are part of every family’s daily life: to play, to be entertained, to communicate, to learn, to work…
While the media present many opportunities, they are also at the center of parents’ concerns. How can we set media rules where everyone is involved? How can we avoid the media being a subject of discord? How can we guide our children’s practices? Can we spend a pleasant moment together with the media? These are questions that we need to think about as a family, because we have a role to play in the media education of our children from an early age.

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