DA#18 – Tracks

Can technology help us experience the sounds and characteristics of the urban environment within school walls?

Children will have fun building tracks and vehicles with various materials, to then add sounds, obstacles and populate the track more and more, while playing with their peers. At home with the family, the children will use their phones or tablets to record sounds from the street or take pictures of possible hazards they would like to put on their tracks.  The tracks are then “animated” at school with the audio and video materials that children activate on a device when passing a possible hazard or sound position. At the end, each child will make a video “on the road” using the phone’s camera and the constructed vehicle to record the track from the vehicle’s point of view.

An idea from

Vincenza Rocco – Rosanna Tacchini,  ECEC educators at the Kindergarten “Scuola Materna Parrocchiale di Bolzone”, Bolzone – Italy.

In co-design with Zaffiria.


7 activities (30 – 40 min each)


3-4 years


  1. Play collaboratively with other children.
  2. Develop problem solving strategies.
  3. Creative and active use of digital.

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