DA#4 – Faces & Places

Can a face become a landscape?

With a tablet, a transparent sheet, a marker and a lot of creativity!
At home with their parents and at school with their educators, children observe and photograph their territory, the surrounding nature and the faces of their grandparents. The photos taken become the starting point for the creation of two worlds that intersect and exchange: grandparents’ facial lines are transformed into landscapes that in the end are combined to create a large wall piece.

An idea from

Romina Copetti – Sillitto Maria Teresa – Veljacà Sara – Paolini Cristiana, ECEC educators at the Kindergarten “Non ti scordar di me-Grisulute-Avasinis”, Alesso di Trasaghis – Italy. 

In co-design with Elena Iodice and Zaffiria


5 activities (1 hour each)


4-5 years


  1. Recognising and reproducing facial expressions.
  2. Exploring social and natural environment.
  3. Interpreting and reworking images and photographs.

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