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Lecture 2:

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The pandemic has shown us that digital tools can be a good way of maintaining the communication with children and their families, and a close relationship between the school, the family and the rest of the educational community.

If you are looking for a tool to communicate with families from a distance, which allows you to have instant feedback, Classdojo is the right tool!

Classdojo is a free, and safe, application that works on all devices and allows us to create a virtual classroom, a true educational community formed between school and families, and where, even at a distance, we can share the most significant moments of the child’s teaching-learning process: photos, messages, videos and much more.

It gives us the possibility to give immediate feedback on the assigned activities / tasks, contributing to improve the child’s self-confidence.
And most importantly, it allows the child to explore, learn, and develop their self-esteem through the positive reinforcement that the educator passes to the her and her family and, above all, it allows children to have fun….VERY FUN with their avatar!

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