Média Animation

Média Animation is the media and multimedia education resource centre for the Belgium French-speaking Community. It is recognized and subsidised by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture. It is also a centre for vocational training and a lifelong learning education centre for adults. Média Animation has its own communications agency that focuses exclusively on projects in the non-profit sector.  Média Animation was founded in 1972 and is based in Brussels.

Digital Manifesto

Media Animation is committed to developing children’s critical and creative skills around digital technology and has several projects with this objective. To achieve this, Media Animation supports adults, whether they are parents, grandparents, teachers, educators, etc., by providing them with key tools, training, methodologies, activities, etc., so that they can strengthen their confidence in their role as media educators and in turn accompany the youngest in their discovery of the media.

How we work

Média Animation has been developing expertise in the field of media education for over 50 years.  It organizes training courses for animators and teachers (initial and continuous), researches, and coordinates or participates into several European projects. Média Animation’s team includes a dozen trainers specialized in media education as well as a team specialized in the production and realization of communication tools (graphics, sound, video, websites).

Who we work with

Media Animation can count to several childhood and media institutions closed to its network as ONE – Office de la naissance et de l’Enfance  (Birth and Childhood Agency in Belgium) who is the reference for all the issues related to childhood, welcoming children outside their family environment and supporting parenting. Furthermore the SEGEC (General Secretariat of the Free education network –  responsible for all schools belonging to the free education network) is a structural partner of Media Animation and finally the UFAPEC (Federation of parents’ associations of the free education network) is also a key associated partner on the KIT project. 

Last but not least, Media Animation is a key actor of the CSEM – High council of Media Education for the French-speaking part of Belgium and can count also on high quality partner in the other side of the linguistic border. 


The 123Clic.be website is intended for parents (or grandparents) and brings together various creative and educational activities to be set up for and with children aged 3 to 6 years old. This tool consists of twenty activities that parents can set up with their children. The aim is to develop a critical approach to the use of the tablet or mobile phone and to make the child aware of specific media dimensions such as communication and expression. www.123clic.be


MyAppEduc project promotes the School-Family partnership to develop digital media education for 6-12 year olds! Today, media uses are no longer confined to the private sphere or the family, they are also becoming commonplace at school. The MyAppeduc project has developed an App’ to be used as well at school as in the families, including also the libraries in this process of coeducation to media.  

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