DA#22 – Speaking Portraits

What would my favorite book’s character say, my grand-grandma’s pictures or my pokemon cards if they could speak?

In this atelier, kids will learn to use apps to make still pictures speaks. They will need to take pictures with digital devices and import them in the apps. Then they record themselves speaking to create the character’s voice.

With their parents, they can make their old family pictures speak. At the end, all this work can be edited by the teacher/educator and exhibited in school.

Discover the activation trailer here :

An idea from

La Fabulerie, Marseilles, France, Tested with: Ecole Maternelle Pommier, Marseilles, France


3 activities of 30 minutes each


5-6 years


  1. Learn to tell a story.
  2. Improving language skills.
  3. Discover special effects.

#storytelling #language #art #portrait #stillandmovingimage #acting