DA#21 – A Stop Motion Film

How can animated images become a film?


Is it possible to make a film using pictures taken in class? The answer is yes! In this workshop, children will first learn how to distinguish still images from animated images and play with moving images by creating a folioscope and a thaumatrope. After learning how to take photos, the children will be invited to make a small stop motion animation film. The scenario of this small film can build on a story the class knows and appreciates, such as a children’s album. In class or at home with their family, the children will imagine a scenario and make the characters (modelling clay, toys, paper) and the set. With the educator’s help, the children will photograph the images that make up the story, put these photos in a sequence and animate their film.

An idea from

Florence Fery, Belgrade municipal school – Belgium, in co-design with Média Animation ASBL


10 activities for a total of 10 hours in school, and  3 activities at home.


5-6 years


  1. Distinguish between a still and an animated image.
  2. Illustrate the milestones of a story. 
  3. Discover and understand the stages involved in making a small object animation movie.

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