DA#25 – Little Stick

Can the use of the digital and its declination in various expressive modalities develop competencies in the reading and translating of real and fantastic worlds?

Inspired by the book “Stick Man” by J. Donaldson and A. Scheffler, children invent and create small photographic stories, short films and plays inspired by their experiences and reflections during excursions with Little Stick, a character created by the children using wooden sticks collected in nature. Little Stick will follow the children on family and school excursions and help them find polluted places and reflect on their environment.

An idea from

Barbara Tosi – Giorgia Balducci – Annalisa Straccini – Annica Celli – Morena Montanari – Antonella Iafisco, ECEC educators at the Kindergartens “La Gabbianella” and “L’albero dei bambini “, Rimini – Italy.

In co-design with Zaffiria.


6 activities (50 min – 2 hours each)


4-5 years


  1. Motivational learning.
  2. Creative use of ICT.
  3. Creative approach in reading reality.

#storytelling #nature #art #photography #animatedmovies