DA#32 – The Art of Geometry

Can geometry be introduced as a form of expression?

Digit is a character who introduces children to geometric shapes that become the basic elements for a photo safari at home and the composition of fluorescent drawings and landscapes. At home, using the app Oh! created by designers Louis Rigaud and Anouck Boisrobert, children continue the creative experience by using the geometric shapes to populate a cityscape of animals, characters and other interactive elements.  Oh! will be used again at school to create a collective landscape.


An idea from

Ciulla Letizia – Maria Domenica – Floriddia Corrada – Benini Roberta – Catanese Liliana – Giorgetti Cinzia – Zavalloni Stefania, ECEC educators at the Kindergarten “Scuola dell’Infanzia di Villamarina”, Cesenatico – Italy.

In co-design with Zaffiria.


5 activities (40 min each)


3-4 years


  1. Enhancing creative and expressive abilities.
  2. Introducing geometry in a playful way.
  3. Involve families through the use of simple and playful apps.

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