DA#1 – The Mascot’s Trip

How can we convey a message using a photograph?

Building on the journey of a class mascot between school and home, this workshop explores an educational approach to photography. Specifically, it consists in preparing and documenting through photos the adventures of the mascot travelling from family to family. Through this approach, the children handle the photo media both in terms of production (shooting) and of reception (analysis, impact of the point of view, etc.) to sharpen their perspective.

An idea from

Kareen Krief, Belgrade municipal school – Belgium, in co-design with Média Animation ASBL


7 activities at school for a total of 5 hours and 4 activities at home


3-5 years


  1. Use a transitional object (mascot) to encourage speech and language within the group and to develop an emotional link between the classroom and the home
  2. Understand that the content of a photograph is the result of a specific intention of the photographer 
  3. Taking self-portraits and develop creative autonomy through the use of a camera

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