DA#2 – Emotion Memory Game

Can you recognize and imitate simple emotions?

In a social environment, it’s important to be able to recognize emotions (yours and those of your peers) to communicate. This atelier helps children recognize emotions using a milestone of the digital culture: the smileys 😀

In the first part, children will discover emotions and mimic them. They play a memory game to associate smileys and faces.

In the second part, the children take pictures and use Learning Apps to create in school their own memory game with pictures taken at home with their family. This game will then be played at school with all the pupils so they get to know their classmates’ family members in a playful way.

Watch the video trailer here:

An idea from

La Fabulerie, Marseilles, France,

Tested with: La T, Marseilles, France ribu Meinado


3 activities for a total of 2 hours.


3-5 years


  1. Learn to recognize emotions
  2. Understand your own emotions and feelings
  3. Mime & act

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