DA#10 – Playing with Emotions

Can digital tools help children to express their emotions?


With the support of some digital applications (Paint), a digital camera, a smartphone, recycled materials and a lot of creativity, we can identify, show and share our emotions. At school with teachers and classmates and at home with their families, children visualize and listen to the story “The Monsters of Colors” and the respective song. Each child creates their favorite Color Monster. Using digital equipment, they design a situation that triggers one of the emotions mentioned in the story, in their favorite monster. They take a picture of family members mimicking their favorite Monster´s facial expression. They play the “Color Monster” games in the apps. Photographs of activities carried out are shared on Padlet.

An idea from

Educators team from AESA – Barreiro, Portugal


7 sessions (20 minutes each)


3-6 years


  1. Create opportunities for children to express their emotions through digital tools.
  2. Helping children to recognize and respect their emotions and the emotions of others using digital tools.
  3. Using digital tools to strengthen ties between school and families.

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