DA#11 – Nature in the City

How to convey a sound and visual environment?


During this workshop, pupils explore the themes of sound and image. They are encouraged to observe their immediate environment: their school or home neighbourhood. Is this environment rather urban or natural? What elements are associated with the city? And with nature? What do they see? What do they hear? What does a sound say? How can sound and images complete one another? Walking through different places together, the children capture these environments in sounds and images using a camera and a Dictaphone. 

At the end of the workshop, the children make a “sound bingo” to be played with the family and other classes.

An idea from

Christine Gerards, Roton nursery school, Charleroi – Belgium, in co-design with Média Animation ASBL


Around 4 hours, 4 activities in school and 3 activities at home.


4-5 years


  1. Observe one’s environment, recognise sounds and sound effects and associate them with a photo/a corresponding image.
  2. Take, sort and choose photos for a specific goal.
  3. Identify sounds and record them.

#nature #photography #sound #environment #mediaeducation