DA#14 – Nature in Projection

How are shadows generated and what lays behind (or in front of) them?

Children discover the nature of shadows and the properties of projection through a series of experimentation activities with different light sources and materials.  At school, in a dark room, they will first experiment what happens when the light from the projector passes through natural materials (leaves, flowers, branches, stones), through coloured transparent materials,  to afterwards  discover what the materials look like if they give a “closer look”, through the lenses of a digital microscope.  At home, children and parents will go for a “shadow hunt” and experiment with different light sources and materials, also thanks to a “transition” box, which the children take home from school and vice versa.

An idea from

Sara Battistel – Cristina Zecchin, ECEC educators at the Kindergarten “Tre Piere”, Oderzo – Italy.

In co-design with Zaffiria.


8 activities (30 min each)


4-5 years


  1. Knowledge of the projector, as a technological tool.
  2. Discovery and exploration of shadows.
  3. Peer collaboration.

#nature #sciences #mediaeducation #projection #digitalmicroscope