DA#36 – Animate Yourselves!

How do we create moving frames (in cinema and animated movies)?

Have you ever thought about how a movie is made? It’s very simple actually, it’s just still images, one after another, played back very fast (25 images per second). Even before filming, people already invented ways to create moving pictures. In this atelier, you will discover one way to create mini-animation and discover the art of stop-motion.

The activity is thought to be performed in quarantine. It will encourage physical activity at home and give ideas to parents on how to make their pre-school kids move more. It also encourages kids to use tablets and smartphones in a creative way. It gives knowledge about cinema and animated movies.

Watch the activation video here to discover more !

An idea from

La Fabulerie, Marseilles, France, tested with: Ecole Maternelle Pommier, Marseilles, France


3 activities of 30 minutes each


5-6 years


  1. Understanding how movies are made.
  2. Discovering the technique of stop motion.
  3. Discovering physical exercises children can do at home in a creative way.

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