DA#6 – Meet My Soft Toy

Can toys encourage children to talk about themselves?

Children’s favourite toys become a valuable opportunity to talk about themselves and discover new things about each other. At home children (with the help of the parents)  will take a picture of their favourite soft toy. At school, then, with the educators, children will tell what they like and why they chose that toy in various episodes of a podcast. Each photo will be then linked to a Qr code to create an “art” exhibition with the toys and their “stories”  in Kindergarten.

An idea from

Romina Copetti, Maria Teresa Sillitto, Sara Veljacà, Cristiana Paolini,  ECEC educators at the Kindergarten “Non ti scordar di me – Grisulute – Avasinis”, Alesso di Trasaghis –  Italy.

In co-design with Zaffiria.


4 activities (30 min. each)


3 years


  1. Expressing emotions and feelings.
  2. Listening and dialogue skills.
  3. Psycho-physical well-being of the child.

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