DA#7 – An Emotional Letter

Can the common realisation of an advent calendar become an opportunity to strengthen family ties?

Waiting for Christmas has never been more fun! Each parent is invited to send and share with the educators a Christmas memory related to their childhood. All memories, both physical and digital,  will be organised into an advent calendar.  During the time of Advent, the children listen to a memory each day, discovering the children’s stories of their parents.

An idea from

Nadia Matassoni – Raffaella Batino – Nisi Olga Lucia, ECEC educators at the Kindergarten “Scuola dell’infanzia Arcobaleno”, Novafeltria – Italy.

In co-design with Zaffiria.


5 activities (30 min each)


3-5 years


  1. Building and strengthening emotional ties.
  2. Promoting listening skills, and verbal and graphical elaboration.

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