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Module 2:
The Digital Atelier in the Kindergarten

Divergent and creative uses of media.

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With this module we would like to introduce you to the concept of the digital atelier, which we think can give you valuable tools to approach the digital in Kindergarten  to strengthen the competences of children from an early age in a manner that is appropriate to their development, for dealing creatively, critically and safely with digital media, and for supporting them in finding their way in the complex world of media. Accompanying children to discover the world by creatively using technology can also be an exciting experience for educators. 

With our project we aim also to extend this proposal to create an educational bridge with the families, as well as other cultural institutions that are part of the bigger educational family. Then, as the great pedagogist Alberto Manzi urged us:  it is a matter of building together a new technological culture that has at its centre the child’s experience, his desire to discover and understand the world. Educators, teachers, and atelierists need to go back to the craftsmen’s workshop to discover that there are many tools, but that it is the mastery of use and the wisdom of gesture that makes the difference.

Learning goals in this session

  • Approach media in a divergent and creative way
  • Develop flexible ways of approaching the digital with the very young 
  • Gaining knowledge on innovative practices on approaching the digital during the pandemic, including the families in the process and creating an educational bridge

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