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Lecture 4:
Digital Ateliers

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It is undeniable the extreme importance and usefulness that the various digital tools have reached, especially in the last two years with the presence of COVID 19 in our lives, in the world, which has made us a little hostage to distance communication through them.
It was necessary to adapt the pedagogical practice to this new reality, creating new resources and investing in new distance learning strategies.

In this sense, inside of the Erasmus Project “KEEP IN TOUCH”, we have created five Digital Ateliers, which aim to be an ally of educators (whether they are kindergarten teachers or families), a support for the diversification of children’s learning, in the most different areas, and a facilitator of competences for the use of new technologies, always with a pedagogical perspective.

Based on a fantastic children’s story – The color Monster – we intend that they can be developed, either in an educational context or in a family context, with the use of technological resources that allow the child to become increasingly competent in the digital resources area, combining creativity and play, not forgetting the importance of the FAMILY in this process.

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Digital Atelier #1

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Digital Atelier #2

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Digital Atelier #3

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Digital Atelier #4
Physical Education

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Digital Atelier #5

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